Our Business


We are active in the Brazilian consulting market since 2003. Our company comes from a long experience in projects related to Engineering, Planning, Project Management and of Risks. We have great changes in all these years and we have also had the opportunity to work in various areas, always focusing on Engineering, Consulting, Education and Innovation.

All this Knowledge and Experience acquired began to be systematized and shared through the Project Management Portal: PMKB – Project Management Knowledge Base.

We have a very strict Compliance Policy, to guarantee Ethics and Confidentiality in our commercial relations. Know more.

/our business
Assist organizations in engineering, consulting and education activities.

Engineering to sum results in the our customers business.

Become a consulting firm that is recognized as competent in your area of expertise.

Service Engineering

Our Engineering services aim to use the maximum of technique for the solution of problems. We understand the value and importance of a service well done to favor business and operational results. Know more.

/ consulting
We provide Consulting services in Business Management, Planning and Project Control. Our consultants have high level training and experience, such as masters, PMP certificates, postgraduates, etc. Know more.

Our knowledge and experience converts into actions of Education. We offer training in company, on line and we still have the largest project management portal in Brazil and Portuguese Language. Know more.

Rua Guaicuí, 20 – Bairro Coração de Jesus – Belo Horizonte/MG CEP 30380-380

++ 55 (31) 3267-0949